Our Essence

Our company was founded 40 years ago, based on cooperative work, to bring together collective effort, investment in industries, appreciation of people and focus on innovation. Therefore, we guarantee the best products on your table!

Vision and Mission

Our mission is to provide people with high quality food, and our vision is to promote continuous development with sustainability, creating value for our customers and shareholders.

Our Principles

  1. Pleasing the most important person: the customer.
  2. Doing the right thing and acting with common sense.
  3. Complying with the law at all operational levels.
  4. Taking care of people’s integrity and welfare.
  5. Respecting and preserving the environment through preventive actions.
  6. Being committed to results.
  7. Being creative and innovative to improve solutions.
  8. Excelling in terms of quality in all production steps.

Why choose Frimesa?

Quality Policy

Frimesa’s Quality Policy ensures the production of reliable and safe food. In terms of quality management, our guidelines and procedures are aligned with the company’s principles and values. Because of this, a strict process control is maintained, with periodic audits, guiding and evaluating our teams’ daily activities.

Third parties and suppliers’ activities are also carefully controlled. There are audits from government, customers and certification companies to validate the compliance according to the required quality, health, environmental and legal standards. Our main factories have the IFS Global Markets Food (GFSI) certification, which is focused on food safety management.

Our Quality Management sector also has laboratories for analysis and monitoring of raw materials, products during process and final products. Industrial lines have Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP), Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Standard Sanitizing Operating Procedures (SSOP) plans – which are important requirements for ensuring the safety of manufactured foods.

Get to know some of our practices:
  • Veterinary follow-up

    Veterinary follow-up
  • Raw material chilled in the facilities

    Raw material chilled in the facilities
  • Collection of bulk and refrigerated milk

    Collection of bulk and refrigerated milk
  • Raw material control

    Collection of bulk and refrigerated milk
  • Frimesa Certified Swine Program

    Integrated program to produce pork following 7 evaluation categories:

    • Welfare
    • Environment
    • Health
    • Production
    • Nutrition
    • Food safety
    • Slaughtering

Innovation Policy

Everyone is responsible for innovation at Frimesa. So, it should be stimulated in a way to result in creativity and generation of ideas for creating, planning, developing and launching new products. These actions also include an innovation policy that prioritizes people training and process improvement, resulting in perceived value products and services, which guarantee the company’s sustainability.

Our Research, Development and Innovation department (RDI) aims at aligning the company’s mission and values with consumption trends and needs. Get to know our innovation management processes:

  • Innovation and strategic management
  • Management of ideas
    (competitive intelligence)
  • Project management
  • R&D committee
  • Communication
  • Relationship with suppliers, institutions and other external environments
  • Competency management 
    (talent bank)
  • Knowledge management 
    (intellectual capital)

People Management Policy

Our goal is to attract, develop and hold people who share our values, mission and vision. We ensure employees’ health and occupational safety by complying with the legal requirements and the company’s guidelines regarding work health and safety, searching for continuous improvement to eliminate or reduce risks in the workplace.

We also prioritize internal recruitment and vacancies for people with disabilities, emphasizing the candidate’s potential and needs, resulting in satisfaction, motivation and productivity at work. Our essence is completed by social responsibility practice, based on the pillars of economic, social and environmental sustainability, always aiming to have a better quality of life and happiness for our customers and shareholders.