Productive chain

We operate in the pork and dairy products` chains in a cooperative production model committed to equally distribute results among central Frimesa, its affiliated cooperatives and associated producers.

Our raw material is supervised during all production stages, and currently, 100% of our pigs come from integrated farmers.

Baixe aqui o Plano de Gerenciamento Regional de Utilização Agrícola de Dejetos Suínos.

Value chain

Frimesa works as a central office for five cooperatives involving thousands of pig and milk producers. Our operation contributes to the development of entire chain, including grain producers, animal food factories and transportation companies, as well as industrialization, distribution and the final consumer. In addition, there is a constant search for solutions and technologies to ensure quality-meat, following production, hygiene and inspection rules.

ESG 2040
Metas para cooperar com a Sustentabilidade

Com o lançamento do Roadmap, um mapa estratégico das ações ESG, a Frimesa assumiu compromissos sustentáveis de curto, médio e longo prazo. Serão 15 anos para aplicar de forma efetiva as ações propostas, fortalecendo a missão da cooperativa em ajudar na transformação para um mundo melhor e mais sustentável. Clique no botão abaixo e confira o Roadmap da Frimesa:

Frimesa’s Certificate Swine Program

This program establishes policies, rules and processes that help control and standardize meat production. The pillars of the program cover animal health and welfare, biosafety, traceability, environmental protection and worker safety issues. Our proposal is to ensure control of the entire chain, with the adoption of operational procedures to ensure standardization of the breeding system and production of safe food.

As for the animal welfare criteria, we commit ourselves to produce fairer and more sustainable food, working in a way that all the integrated farms migrate to a collective housing of breeding sows in the gestational phase. To ensure the effectiveness of this commitment, the company will have completed the transition by 2026.

Raw material control

Following the normative instruction I.N.62/2011 of the Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA), the entire Frimesa Milk production goes through quality control analyses, delivering results to partner producers. This ensures the delivery of safe and quality products.


Frimesa is committed to respect and preserve the environment, promoting environmental awareness through technologies and practices such as selective waste collection, environmental training and environmental performance audits. In addition, the Frimesa Environmental Park has 50 hectares of native forest to promote environmental awareness.

Actions for the community

Communities benefit from the insertion of cooperatives in their region as they promote economic and social development. Thus, our cooperatives generate jobs, income, and social taxes above BRL 250 million per year. In addition, we maintain many social partnerships supporting cultural events, education projects and events with resources allocated to local entities. Among the socio-cultural actions, Frimesa maintains the Saber Viver (Knowing How to Live) program, which aims to provide care and follow-up for employees and families with alcohol and drug addiction problems. The company also encourages employees to engage in social actions, such as educational lectures in schools, clothing donation campaigns, Feira do Cacareco (five-and-dime fair) and the Cooperation Day, when volunteers visit nursing homes and public schools.

Strategic Planning Management

In this management model, the board of directors and the executive board define long-term goals for the Cooperative, which become specific action plans and projects. Then, monthly meetings follow up the development of these goals.

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